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3 Ways to Approach Your Mid-Year Pause

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

To say this year is completely off the rails is an understatement. A complete understatement.

And you guys, it’s July. JULY. I’m teetering somewhere between wow, this year is flying by; and goodness, this year is never going to end! Yes, insert all the drama, it’s been that kind of year for all of us.

With half of the year gone, you may find yourself in a funk, feelings all the feels, charging forward into the next day.

Maybe you have lost your shit more times than you can count in these last 4 months.

Hey, I feel you. It’s to the point where my girls finish the lyrics to the oh so popular DMX song, “Party Up.” Our version goes something like…

Mama’s gonna lose her mind Up in here, up in here Mama’s gonna go all out Up in here, up in here

We laugh, we twirl, we showcase our most ridiculous dance moves. Most of the time that snaps me out of the funk. But you guys, if I’m still on the brink, you better believe I lovingly finish that first verse…

Y'all gonna make me act a FOOL Up in here, up in here Mama’s gonna lose her cool Up in here, up in here

It ends with me declaring a 'mama time out.' And although it is close, I’ve spent more time in time out than my three-year-old. I feel like I should get an award. Is there an award? That is quite an accomplishment.

The good news... today is a great day to regroup and re-prioritize. To pause. Go ahead, declare a time out in the craziness that is 2020.

Here are 3 ways to approach your mid-year pause:

July, time for a mid-year pause

1. Listen. My girl Amy Porterfield breaks down her process for you in her podcast: How To Do A Step-by-Step Mid-Year Goal Audit.

2. Watch. Lara Casey shares her approach with her community in a Mid-Year Refresh. In it, she provides a worksheet and short video series to walk you through the process, step by step.

3. Just Do the Thing. If a quick, mini year-in-review is more your thing, check out the 2-page worksheet I’ve created for you, All Things Summer. It gives you space to reflect and set intention for the season.

I hope you breathe, you settle in, you make time for solitude and deep thinking. And I hope these resources serve you well.

Please know I’m sending you all the good vibes for this second half of the year.

And when all else fails, blast DMX.


If you are craving more space to simply write and reflect, pen to paper, pick up one of my journals:

An invitation, just for you, to pause on your journey.

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