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3 Things Giving Me Strength This Week

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

What a morning.

It started with yelling (my kids, not me).

And ended with my 3yo getting pink sparkle slime in her hair.

Very pink, very sticky slime.

In her very blonde, very fine hair.

And as all things do, it happened as I was helping my first grader with math.


You guys, this is my life.

It’s also the morning after the first presidential debate.

Enough said.

The good news… SNL will be hilarious.

The bad news… well, take your pick.

And to top it off, we are six months into a global pandemic.

Six Months.

I don’t know about you, but I’m struggling.

This morning, and more mornings than I’d like to admit.

Maybe you are, too.

Maybe you feel like you’re in a funk, or that you’ve hit a wall.

Maybe you have extra low energy as you experience all the mood swings.

Or maybe you feel drained, angry, or all over the place.

If that's the case, I am sending you love.

And a little laughter – we’ve all had these mornings.

Along with some encouragement, as we double down on gratitude, on being present – really present – and on contributing more than we criticize.

In that light, here are 3 things that are giving me strength this week:

1. Listening to the oh so calming, always on point Brené Brown. In a recent Unlocking Us podcast episode, titled On My Mind, she spoke to my heart. She touched on RBG, the power of play, and surge capacity… so good.

A woman reading and listening to her heart

“So, I don’t think I’ve given myself permission to experience COVID as a terrible long-term disaster, but it is. And I think we’re doing that thing, a lot of us, myself included, where we’re looking for disaster relief while the hurricane is still blowing the shutters off the house. We just don’t know how to do it.

Preach, Brené, preach.

2. Speaking of surge capacity, Brené cites an excellent article. If you haven’t read Tara Haille’s work, Your ‘Surge Capacity’ Is Depleted – It’s Why You Feel Awful, now is the time. Especially if you're an achiever and a problem solver. It's eye-opening.

“[The pandemic] is different from a hurricane or tornado where you can look outside and see the damage. The destruction is, for most people, invisible and ongoing.”

Thank you, Tara, for the analogy and for the science behind why I'm feeling the way I do.

3. If reading or listening is your jam, Rachel Hollis just launched her newest book, Didn’t See That Coming. It’s a quick read, and it helped me gain a clearer perspective. If you are grieving or struggling to move forward in this new way of life, grab a copy.

“I think that’s the most surprising part about true resilience. Resilience makes you strong, and while you earn the right to your strength, you simultaneously become more tender. While you harness the ability to rise quickly from the ground, you don’t fear the fall as much the next time. Resilience can only come from experience, and God willing, you’re forced to build new foundations.”

Yes, Rach, yes. I needed that reminder.

Tell me, what is giving you strength right now?


A check-in.

How are you holding up? Like really, how are you holding up, my friend?

What three words would you use to describe your mindset?

I ask because I care about you and your well-being.

Take a few moments to ponder these questions, with pen and paper or in the silent moments of your day. And when you do, reach out and share your reflections. In conversation. With a loved one. And ask him or her these questions, too.

Thinking of you today and sending love.

P-S- Dawn dish detergent and a heck of a lot of patience got rid of all of the slime. And we have moved on from math. Things are looking up.

P-P-S- If your mindset is off, way off, and you are not ok – reach out. Yes, it is ok to not be ok. Especially now. But please do not stay there for long. Take a deep breath. And reach out. To a friend, to a loved one, to a neighbor. We are in this together.

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