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You work hard to grow your business, lead your team, and deliver an amazing product to the world.

And as a woman in business, your demands have increased. And increased.


Demands on your time, attention, and energy.

Girl, you are tired. In this fast-paced world, there are times you struggle to keep up. To keep your head above water.

Add to that a global pandemic, and wow. Just wow.

You worry more. And earn less.


And yet, you try. Hard.

You adapt. You adjust. 

And it is so freaking frustrating.

When you see your peers, your competitors, getting ahead. You see them rethink their business strategy. And act. Quickly.

Overnight, their new direction is seamlessly executed. Web, social, all of it. Heck, you even opt-in for their newest release.


And dang, it's good. So good.

What the heck? Don’t they have the same number of hours in the day? The same demands? The same struggle?


Yes, they do.

Want in on their secret? They have a really good copywriter.

Someone to get inside the mind of their customers, their potential customers. To understand them. To serve them... really well, even as they pivot in this new age of business. Especially as they pivot.

You can, too. You can delight your customer with consistent, professional content.


And a solid marketing strategy.

In fact, it is more important now than ever.

Why? Because 47% of buyers (that's almost half of your customers!) view 3 to 5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales representative. [Spotio Report, April 2020]

How do you delight your buyer, you may ask? With your online presence, of course. I'm talking website, blog posts, and amazing opt-ins. All to reach your customers, and potential customers, in a much more natural, impactful way.

In fact, play along. Envision your best customer, your very best client. The one you welcome back, time and time again. What's her name? Go on, say it out loud.

Take a deep breath, roll your clenched shoulders, and take a moment to really imagine her.

Now, imagine more customers, just like her. In fact, imagine ten, or twenty more of her. And imagine the impact that would have on your business. On your life.

Hi there, I'm Katie, a freelance copywriter and strategist for female founders and executives.


I help women cut through the noise to:

  1. Generate revenue - yes, ladies, let's focus on making money!

  2. Gain visibility and authority

  3. Save time - precious time that you can give to the people and things that actually fill you up

  4. Build your legacy - for that special thing that only you have, and that you'll be remembered for 

  5. And cultivate relationships with the right clients - taking them from complete strangers to adoring fans


When you work with me, you get professional copy, delivered on-time. You get my 15+ years of business knowledge, along with well crafted, research-based, timely content that is polished, formatted, and ready-to-go.


To grow your business and your impact.


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How to Support Your Friend As She Ends Her Marriage

A sample post from a weekly blog strategy to reach female clients. This post is part how-to, part inspirational, and all heart.

All Things Summer

A pdf opt-in for busy women to plan for the upcoming season. Both for personal and professional applications.

Cultivate: An Intentional, Forward Focused Workshop

Sales copy for an online course. In this case, copy that speaks to female business owners and executives looking to pivot.


Website Copy – 4 Pages $1,200*

Speak directly to your ideal client. Create an immediate connection. Build trust.

Grow your relationship. And inspire action.

All through SEO optimized website copy. In your tone, for your unique business.

Blogs - Starting at $200**

Develop a consistent conversation with your audience. Build momentum over time.

Engage your audience. And expand your reach.

A weekly blog strategy will grow your authority over time and increase your visibility.

Your customers will thank you. And so will your bottom line.

E-Books & Opt-Ins - Starting at $500

Wow your ideal customer with your expertly crafted, must-have E-Book or Opt-In.

Grow your fan base. Get them talking and sharing your unique content.

Strategy Session - Starting at $100

Not sure where to start? Grab your favorite beverage as we talk through your current needs.

Let's chat about your business goals and any upcoming projects.



*Ask me about monthly retainers & bundles for recurring services

**My pricing always includes in-depth research & one round of edits 



Erin McGlaughlin

Founder + Business Consultant,

 Design Quake

Katie delivers an outstanding work product. She’s professional, always prepared and very talented.


Where Katie really shines is in her uplifting client approach. She takes the time to understand you and your needs.       Her encouraging nature makes the engagement process a delight and your work together stronger.

Christy Renjilian

Executive Director,

Child Care Consultants, Inc.

Katie is very warm and personable. She provided support for my team of 70 employees, starting with a series of staff retreats. She engaged all types of staff, even those most reluctant to participate, and provided ongoing support via blogs and team emails.

I highly recommend Katie to anyone looking to improve their teamwork, communication, personal and professional goal-setting, and organizational culture.



Hi, I'm Katie, a freelance copywriter and business strategist.

I'm also a born and raised farm girl, gardener, and explorer. 


After getting a Business Degree in college, I spent six years in the automotive industry as a shop manager. Oh girl, I have stories. 


And then ten years at a local chamber of commerce. I worked alongside the most successful, innovative people in our community - connecting with business owners, writing grants, drafting economic reports, and launching new initiatives.


My background is in service. I approach life and business with a mindset of connection, love, and gratitude.

Even as a child, my summers were spent designing a fort with my siblings and cousins. The fort, Mt. Brushmore, was membership-based, And yes, there were dues. I was Treasurer, and our goal was to go all-in on a holiday gift for our beloved grandmother.

Fast-forward 30 years, now with over 15 years of business under my belt, I resigned from a career I loved to launch my business - to flex my creative spirit and really serve women I admire.

Women like you, women in business - to increase your revenue, delight your audience, and build your legacy.

When you work with me, you gain an experienced team member committed to your goals. A professional content strategist. And a real lover of all things storytelling. 

Want to chat all things content strategy? Send me an email to start the conversation.



Ready to chat all things content strategy? 

In this free, 15-minute phone call, we'll cover:

1. Your goals – are you looking for deeper relationships? Increased awareness? Bigger impact? More income? 

2. Your existing strategy – what’s working, and what isn’t.

3. How we can work together – let's talk about content your audience craves as we develop an initial plan.

4. How I save you time – by delivering consistent, quality copy that produces results.


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