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Reclaim your energy. Build your legacy. 

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You love your business and you show up strong for your community.

And you've put in the work, hard work, refining your *signature* program, launching your course, and growing your tribe. You've seen how your program changes lives. And you're proud of what you've built. 


But gosh, you're in need of a change, a more authentic way of doing things. Because each new high-energy launch leaves you drained. Burnt out. Fatigued. 


I mean, have you ever had any of these thoughts?


          Ahhhhh, I just want my life back. This is my last high-pressure, up-til-midnight launch.

          There has to be an easier way to launch my signature course. This rollercoaster is no longer serving me.

          How in the world do I simplify and streamline my mastermind? I'm so overwhelmed. Ugh!

If so, you're ready to reclaim your energy and step into a new phase for your business... and your life. 



Hi there, I'm Katie, a conversion copywriter,

course creator, and launch strategist.

I have over 16 years in the business world, and gosh, I totally relate to you. I understand burnout because I've been there, too. I'm on the other side, and I'd love to help you simplify and streamline your offerings while accelerating your growth.

I help women, women like you, cut through the noise to:


1. Generate revenue – yes, let's focus on making you money, money for you to grow your team, diversify your offerings, give back to your community, and take care of those you love. Money that will give you peace of mind.


2. Save time and energy – your two most precious resources, so you can give more of yourself to the people and things that actually fill you up. 


3. Build your legacy – for you, for your family, and for generations to come. The gift of freedom never felt so good. Think of all the good things you've always wanted to put out into the world. 


4. Cultivate relationships with the right clients – taking them from complete strangers to adoring fans. Improving their lives, the lives of those in their circle. And at the same time, increasing your reach, your impact, your bottom-line.

When you work with me, you get a strategic partner. And well-crafted, well-researched, conversion copy that is polished, formatted, and ready-to-go. It sounds like the best version of you... because it is.


We’ll work together to grow your business, your confidence, and your impact. 





4 Things That Will Boost Your Confidence as an Entrepreneur

A guest post for a course creator and copywriting coach.

This post is part how-to, part inspirational, and all heart.

Image by fotografierende

All Things Business

A pdf opt-in for busy women to plan for the upcoming season. For entrepreneurs, CEO's, professionals, and sales managers.


Cultivate: An Intentional, Forward Focused Workshop

Sales copy for an online course. In this case, copy that speaks to female business owners and executives looking to pivot.


Elevate: Your Relaunch Intensive

Are you ready to elevate your signature program? To really raise the bar? If so, I’ll partner with you to do a complete rework of your course (or mastermind) copy. I'll write an opt-in landing page future clients will love to sign-up for, an email sales sequence that your clients actually want to read, and a sales landing page that gets you and your people talking (and buying!). 


It's a total confidence builder and life-getter-backer. Because it's time to lower your stress levels. And ditch the high-pressure launch tactics. You're ready for a new, authentic approach to launching your very best business asset.


Starting at $7,500

Nurture: Your Custom Email Project

Are you ready to pivot your energy as you launch your next offer? Well first of all, congratulationsWhat an exciting time for you. Even more of a reason to simplify, to reduce overwhelm. For goodness sake, you're evolving and putting yourself out there. So let’s work together, to talk through the changes you’re planning – and implementing – in your business. 


This custom package will help to clarify your offer and connect with your audience. It includes three 1:1 sessions pre-launch, where we reflect, set intentions, and craft your email sequence strategy. And most importantly, it includes twelve emails for your sequence... emails that will land with and serve your community while nurturing your relationship.

Starting at $4,000


Refresh: Your Email Sequence Review

Are you unsure if your email welcome sequence or sales sequence is landing? Girl, I got you. I'll review your sequence, up to ten emails, and add comments right into your Google doc. Then, we'll go over it together in a 30-minute video conversation. 


If you're looking for an in-depth, professional review of your most visible and valuable  business asset, then this package is for you. Especially if you're over the cut and paste email options your first business mentor (or guru) handed you. You want a more authentic approach. And a boost of confidence. Whether you plan to make the changes yourself or pass it along to your VA. Let's get started.





Erin McGlaughlin_edited.jpg

Erin McGlaughlin

Founder + Business Consultant,

 Design Quake

Katie delivers an outstanding work product. She’s professional, always prepared and very talented.


Where Katie really shines is in her uplifting client approach. She takes the time to understand you and your needs.       Her encouraging nature makes the engagement process a delight and your work together stronger.

ChristyRenjilian .jpg

Christy Renjilian

Executive Director,

Child Care Consultants, Inc.

Katie is very warm and personable. She provided support for my team of 70 employees, starting with a series of staff retreats. She engaged all types of staff, even those most reluctant to participate, and provided ongoing support via blogs and team emails.

I highly recommend Katie to anyone looking to improve their teamwork, communication, personal and professional goal-setting, and organizational culture.

Sarah Turner.jpg

Sarah Turner

Founder + Course Creator,

Sarah Turner Agency

Katie is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is excellent at communicating clearly and concisely and never misses a deadline.


I'm a successful copywriter myself, so I know great copy when I see it.


Katie's writing will help take your business to the next level.


Louise Goulsbra

Founder + Course Creator,

The Content Box UK

Katie developed the email funnel for me for the launch of my new course.


She was a pleasure to work with, super professional and her work is top quality –

it really captured the tone and vibe of what I wanted to achieve. I’ll definitely be working with her again in future and highly recommend her for all of your business’s writing needs.



I'm a conversion copywriter, business strategist, and course creator.

I'm also a wife and mama of two little girls.


After getting a Business Degree in college, I spent six years in the automotive industry as a shop manager. Oh girl, I have stories. 


And then ten years at a regional chamber of commerce. I worked alongside the most successful, innovative people in our community – connecting with business owners, writing grants, drafting economic reports, and launching new initiatives.


My background is in service. I approach life and business with a mindset of connection, love, and gratitude.​


Ready to chat all things content strategy? 

In this free, 15-minute phone call, we'll cover:

1. Your goals – are you looking for deeper relationships? Increased awareness? Bigger impact? More income? 

2. Your existing strategy – what’s working, and what isn’t.

3. How we can work together – let's talk about content your audience craves as we develop an initial plan.

4. How I save you time – by delivering consistent, quality copy that produces results.


Ready to chat about where you are in business,

and where you'd like to go? 

In this free, 30-minute phone call, we'll cover:

1. Your goals – are you looking for renewed energy? Bigger impact? More income? 

2. Your existing launch & sales strategy – what’s working, and what isn’t.

3. How we can work together – let's talk about your signature program and what your audience craves as we figure out if we're a good fit.

4. How to realign your energy & increase revenue – by delivering conversion copy in your voice that produces results.

Even as a child, my summers were spent designing a fort with my siblings and cousins. The fort, Mt. Brushmore, was membership-based. And yes, there were dues. I was Treasurer, and our goal was to go all-in on a holiday gift for our beloved grandmother.


Fast-forward 30 years, now with over 16 years of business under my belt, I have the privilege to work with and write for women I admire. Women like you, women in business – to increase your revenue, delight your audience, and build your legacy.


​When you work with me, you gain an experienced collaborator committed to your goals. A professional email strategist and mentor. And a real lover of all things storytelling. 

Want to chat about your next project? Send me an email to start the conversation.