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Learning and Unlearning

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

I am in learning and unlearning mode. The subject, racism.

I’m moving past my non-racist, comfortable identity from a week ago (heck, three days ago) and taking considerable steps on my journey to become anti-racist.

I’m listening to black humans who experience life differently than me. If you want to learn, too, watch this conversation between Dr. Lisa Sharon Harper and Jen Hatmaker (Facebook Live link). Be prepared, my white female friends, this will move you.

I’m engaging, by having uncomfortable conversations with my closest friends and family, and by reaching out and actively chatting with friends and acquaintances who do not look like me.

A special shout out to Sharee McFadden. After reading her passionate social posts, tuning in to her Facebook Live and communicating through social, I have been both reflecting internally and engaging in external work. Sharee is the change agent for the banner pictured - it's located in downtown York, Pennsylvania, and she recently took to Facebook with a call to action…

Downtown York, Pennsylvania

“If you find your truth to be that the humans who have black and brown skin living in America DON'T deserve the same HUMAN AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to enjoy the same liberties, privileges, rights, fairness, opportunities and justice as you because their skin is black and brown, then, please yes, STAY SILENT. If your truth is that we ABSOLUTELY DO DESERVE THE SAME HUMAN AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to enjoy the same liberties, privileges, rights, fairness, opportunities and justice as you because we are humans like you, you should probably be proud and vocal about that in a real way, (even if you're nervous and your voice shakes), so that the people who are actually impacted can see you acknowledge that truth.”

Sharee, I hear you. I acknowledge the truth. And I am speaking up, shaky voice and all.

Racism is real. White privilege exists. And I will speak the names of those brutally murdered. Most recently, George Floyd.


If these words resonate, please take a moment to reflect, and then take a step to support the black community.

Follow @ShareeMcFadden and @LisaSharonHarper. Listen, really listen.

Start having real, vulnerable, uncomfortable conversations in your home, with your friends and family.

Originally, I was going to focus on ambition this month. Ambition. It just didn’t feel right to dive into this topic this week. Heck, it may not feel right to bring it up next week. But in my heart, I know that even in uncertain times, in grief, in the face of injustice, especially in the face of injustice, we must embrace our ambition. We will step into our full potential. We will take a step forward, and then another. I am witnessing it in real time.

I get that I'm not going to get it right, that I haven't been getting it right. And you, you're probably not going to get it right, either. We know that and yet we choose to hold space for each other as we take each step. Because as we work to be better, we will do better.

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