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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Ladies, let’s talk ambition. What does that word mean to you? How does it make you feel? Who do you think of when you think of an ambitious person?

For many women, even the word ambition makes them feel a certain unwelcome way. Reflect on that for just a moment. And then ask a man in your life those same questions. How does the meaning, the feelings, differ between the two of you?

My favorite definition of ambition comes from a man (go figure), Brendan Burchard, where he defines it as “the desire for more.” He then shared that more can be “… more depth, more connection, more joy, more abundance, more success, more peace, more harmony.”

And as I was walking, listening to his definition and take on it in his podcast and reflecting on our first camping trip of the season, I paused, and took stock. I am not the same ambitious girl from my early 20’s, or even my late 20’s, broadening my skills, sharpening my career goals. I’m not the same ambitious mama in my early 30’s, brand-new and in the throes of figuring this motherhood thing out while growing my career; and then doing it all over again after welcoming our second.

The stage I’m in is mid-30’s, wife, mama, entrepreneur, and it has me focused on curiosity while creating lasting memories with this little family of mine, holding space for each of us to grow and learn. It has me writing more and dreaming more, enjoying freedom and yes, privilege. It has me trying to pay it forward, whether here on our little farm, on the road in our RV or virtually.

Let’s back up there, yes, I said RV. Maybe you didn’t realize that’s a big part of my life now. I grew up camping (tent camping, to clarify) in the mountains of western Maryland and West Virginia, most frequently in my cousin’s backyard. Those are some of my favorite childhood memories.

Aside from seeing those big box things (RV's) going down the road, I’d never really thought about it. My first RV influence was a high school friend. I remember listening to stories from her summertime adventures. I’d see her connection with her family, and it was something I noticed, even at 15 or 16. It really made an impact on me. And I remember thinking to myself that if I’m ever blessed with a family, I want to pursue those memories, those moments.

So, here we are, trekking out on adventures for the second summer, little ones leading the way. Ambition looks a little different than I thought it would in this stage. It looks like curiosity, play, and stacking up stones at the base of a waterfall. And dang, it feels good.

Chances are ambition looks different for you, too, in this stage. Wherever you are, whatever that more looks like for you... let’s teach our daughters, our nieces, the little girls we have the opportunity to influence that ambition comes in all varieties. For them, yes; and for us, too.



At a recent girl’s night, I promised to share my top 5 things to do in the Poconos. Here they are, with links for easy planning. Happy exploring!

For pictures and a quick summary of each, head over to my personal Facebook page.

And to plan out your summer in this post-Covid, new way of living world, check out my free two-page planning guide, All Things Summer. It's a great way to reflect, to set intention, to welcome a new season.

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