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A Note of Appreciation for the Bankers

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Your titles are long, your jobs complex. But your passion, it's real. And even though I will never understand your role in a billion-dollar industry, I want you to know that you have never been more important than right now.

During this pandemic, since the proverbial shit has hit the fan, you have been in overdrive. Burning the candle at both ends. Putting in the hours. So. Many. Hours. Learning on the fly, solving problem after problem, putting out fires. Serving as business coach, therapist, financial analyst and best friend to your community, your clients.

And you have freaking rallied. You stepped up. Your desire to help your clients, your peers, the businesses in your community, it shows. I’m in awe of your commitment, of your ability to serve, really serve.

Things continue to shift. To be clear and then unclear. And no, this is not a political post… at all. But dang, y’all have had to adjust on the fly; and continue to do so. To bring resources to your people. To figure it out, giving your all to help those struggling, those that are unsure of their future. Your clients, they are stressed, scared, angry, grieving.

And they want answers, all of the answers.

At times it probably seems as though you are a drop in a big, big ocean. And I want to take a moment, and tell you with absolute clarity, absolute knowing, that you, you are seen. You are appreciated. Your dedication, it shows. And even though we have probably referred to your corporate role as 'cushy' some time in the last decade, this pandemic has shown us your willingness to get scrappy. We see you doing the absolute best you can with what you have. And we will forever be thankful.

With love,

An entrepreneur trying her best to figure it out, just like you

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