A Salute to Small Business

It’s May, and that means its small business month, a time to celebrate small businesses all across our nation. It’s a month I looked forward to years ago, when I worked at a chamber of commerce. And it’s a month that I hold even more near and dear to my heart as a small business owner myself.

And this year, it is a time to set down our judgement while encouraging small business owners - for their entrepreneurial spirit and resilience, among many, many other things.

A few ways to do just that…

1. Send an uplifting note

2. Give a shout out on social media

3. Write a positive review

4. Shop online or curbside

To the solopreneur navigating this alone...

To the small business owner who had to shut his or her doors and layoff team members...

To the business owner innovating with new ideas, trying things out...

To those of you planning, learning, continuing to grow...

To each of you, making hard, hard decisions, trying your absolute best...

I see you. I salute you. And we will get through this, together.

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