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A Nod to the Coaches, Teachers, Instructors

As my 5yo wraps up her first ever basketball season, my husband and I reflect on how far she has come. When starting out less than 2 months ago, the team struggled to dribble the ball while standing still. And shooting a basket, let’s just say the basketball looked like an anvil in our daughter's arms, as she tried her best to hoist it up to the hoop. These kids, they were determined. They tried and tried and tried again. Dribbling, shooting, defending.

Our daughter’s hard work came to fruition this past Saturday, when she made a basket during the ‘play day’ scrimmage. Yep, you bet I was that mom cheering so, so loud from the stands. Not for her scoring – you guys, they don’t keep score at this age – but for the fact that she persevered. She kept trying, and trying, and TRYING. Over and over. And she did it. The smile on her face as she jogged back down the court was everything. She freaking did it.

To her coaches, thank you. Thank you for your patience in teaching our daughter the building blocks of the game. The hours of practice. The explanations, the encouragement, on bent knee, looking each child the eye, explaining what you’d like to see next. They have come so far - day one vs. today, it's night and day.

I was again reminded of it this past weekend, when my husband booted up for his first time EVER on skis. With our 5yo (it was her third time). My dad, their instructor. I was amazed at how far they came in a two-hour span. And how happy they were to give it a try. To fall and get back up. To apply one thing and then another. And how much joy our daughter got out of seeing her dad try something new.

Thank you, dad, for giving of your time, your energy, your knowledge, and your big, take over your whole face smile. Gosh, I just love to see you in your element.

This week, I give a nod to the coaches, teachers, and instructors that have blessed my life and the life of my family. I appreciate you. For the countless hours of preparation, giving your all to those in attendance. Whether it’s on the ski slopes, the basketball court, in a classroom, or it’s another Tuesday in Studio B – thank you for showing up, for leading, for pushing us to give our best, and proving to us that we’re capable of more than we ever thought possible.

You inspire me.

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