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All Things Goals

Goals. Many of us go gangbusters, starting the year off with so many big dreams. We are all big eyed and full of hope. And then life hits. For many of us, that means getting knocked down a few times, and ending up off track (with all those our goals) by the end of the month.

My health goal for the month of January was to run/walk 3 miles each day. And guys, I came up short. I completed it for 29 of the 31 days. And most of them were logged on a treadmill. Ugh. I’m so looking forward to running outdoors in mild weather.

It was hard work, guys. And as I reflect, three things really stand out.

Do it anyway. Even when I didn’t feel good (hello, sinus infection). Even when it wasn’t convenient. Waking early on a Saturday, taking care of all the sick babies, going to the gym late at night. Yep, even then.

Laser focus. It was at the top of my daily to-do list. When I got it done in the morning, I had a much, much better day than when I put it off. The biggest routine change was the weekends. In the past, I would go for a walk or a run (maybe) over the course of those two days. Now, I prioritize my workouts to get them in each day.

The power of kind words. When I shared my goal with acquaintances at my local Y, they truly wanted me to succeed. They would give me a thumbs up as they walked laps. They would share an encouraging word between sets. Or a knowing smile – many of them have trained for long distance and know the dedication it takes. It’s been a great reminder to be that person for others.

And you know what? Even though I fell short of doing 3 miles each day, I logged more miles in the month of January than any other month of my life. 109 freaking miles. And in doing so, I have reframed what I am capable of, what my body is capable of. It feels freaking awesome.

I’ve got 29 days this month to beat that number. Challenge accepted.


Shout out to @RobinArzon of Peloton for inspiring so many people to complete the 3x31 challenge. And for being a true badass.

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