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I Choose Play

Playfulness. It is an intentional choice for me. I tend to be matter of fact, focused on the next task or planning the next thing; or given an hour of free time, you'll find my nose in a good book (reading female author Tana French now – she is ah-mazing, if murder mystery is your thing).

But the childhood I want to cultivate for my girls includes a playful mama. And since I’m not naturally wired that way, I make a choice each (ok, most) days to be playful.

Hide and seek, fort building, art projects, puppet shows, barbies, dress up, dance parties, nature walks. With two girls, aged 5 and 2, play is their fulltime job. Oh, the lessons I learn from them.

It’s amazing the effect of five minutes of pure play.

My wish for you, my friend, is to play. Whatever that means for you. Maybe it’s a salsa class at your local gym, grabbing a tub of neon pink playdoh for your desk, or creating story time for your niece or nephew.

Cheers to more play time, more connection, more laughter.


If you really struggle with this, simply jam out to your favorite song by yourself, or with your kids, your dog, your partner. Or ask them to share their favorite song – yes, you, I know your pet has a fav! Be your own hype squad, circa 1999.

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