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Cheers to a Simple Year, A Focused Year, A Year of Joy and Love

Today, as many of us get back into the swing of things after celebrating, traveling, hosting, doing a whole lot with our family and friends, I wish you ten minutes of thought.

Maybe it’s updating your to-do list, maybe it’s sitting quietly in meditation, or maybe it is time to think while getting your movement in – even if that movement is cleaning off your desk or walking to grab coffee.

Let's take a moment, or two, to be still, and to feel the energy around us. Like really feel it.

This new year, my goals are quite simple. I want to play on the floor more - puzzles, board games, fort building; read more - both to my girls and for personal fulfillment (murder mysteries are my jam); run more; and reflect more.

I wish you a year of thought, a year of reflection; and less pressure, less stress, less stuff, less rushing around trying to do ALL the things on a tank that is less than empty.

Cheers to a simple year, a focused year, a year of joy and love.


If you haven’t selected a word of the year, made a resolution, hand-crafted a vision board – it is OK. Like really, it is OK. Take a deep breath and live your life. Today, tomorrow, the next day. You’ve got this, mama. Do you. No comparison traps. And remember, your opinion, your heart, is the one that matters.

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