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All Things Winter

Welcoming a new season, Winter. A time to turn inward, to reflect, to savor. It’s also a time for connecting, excitement and dreaming, as we celebrate Christmas and welcome a New Year (and decade!). There is something so special in this season of life, seeing it through the eyes of my 5-year-old and a 2-year-old. Magical.

For a few years now, I’ve taken a few minutes prior to each season to plan. And not the type of planning I did as a new mom, or even in my 20’s, where I would think about my gift list and spend time in search of the perfect thing for each person. I’m enjoying a minimalist lifestyle, which means less stuff (and gifts).

I’m talking about planning my life. About reflecting on past Winters, prioritizing my goals and the feelings I wish to cultivate in my family, and setting my intention. In fact, I did this earlier today, coffee in hand, on my living room floor, in front of a roaring fire; my hubby off to work and the kiddos sleeping soundly, a peaceful 30 minutes where all I heard were the popping of the sparks in the fireplace and my pen against paper.

Today, I’m sharing it with you, in the hopes that you’re interested in starting a practice of your own. As we get ready to welcome a new decade, I invite you to join me. Here it goes…

I start by reflecting on past seasons - in this case, past Winters. I think back to my favorite memories, traditions and adventures; the feelings I experienced and those I wish to cultivate. And I jot them down.

Something we love hosting each year is a sledding day with my nephews. It’s so much fun, the girl’s have a blast, and the cousins work together to see how far they can go. After, we have hot cocoa with marshmallows (of course!) by the fire, and laugh, tell stories and really connect. It is simply the best. [Photos from last season]

Next, I think about the people I want to spend time with and the places I’m most grateful for.

During the winter, I’m grateful for our fireplace. I love spending time in front of it, dancing with the girls while my hubby plays his banjo, playing board games, reading, and hosting friends.

Then, I brainstorm what I wish to cultivate in the next few months and chose a word that best represents it.

As I continue to push outside of my comfort zone in life and in business, all while raising these babies, my word this season is cultivate. Yep, total farm girl here.

After I claim my word, I shift into prioritization mode. I begin by jotting down the things I’m NOT going to do. As a recovering people pleaser, this step is essential. It’s a way to let things go.

A few of the things I’m not going to do this season is volunteer at my daughter’s school (goodbye, germs; kiddos, I’ll be back in the Spring), feel stressed or rushed, bring the dessert to gatherings and attend any sugar rush type events.

Next, I list out the things I will say (yell, really) yes to - the things that bring me the most joy.

Fun date nights with my hubby, time outdoors with the kids (sledding, skiing, walks), day trips with friends, pushing myself at the gym – my goal this season is to survive mile 13.

And finally, I map out the months ahead. As a planner, this is my FAVORITE part of the process. To do so, I pencil in my focus areas for each month.

December includes a nativity scene outing, decorating a real Christmas tree (my first one in over 20 years!), hosting a special dinner with a bluegrass jam session and planning our camping adventures for the year.


If you want to join me in planning All Things Winter, and I hope that you do, I’ve created a free, 2-page guide just for you. Check it out and be sure to schedule time to complete it. Literally, take a minute to pop it into your calendar and block 30 minutes by the week.

And save the date! On Friday, January 10, 2020, at 8:30am, I’ll be hosting Cultivate: A Growth Focused Workshop for Women in Business. It will be in York, Pennsylvania, and I hope you’re able to join me!

More info to come!

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