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Shop Small: A Gifting Guide

If you’re anything like me, you are feeling the magic of the season. Gathering with friends and family. Laughing. Giving thanks.

And gifting. I really enjoy curating a gifting list for my family. And planning my shopping strategy. I know, I know, a little strange, right?! For those of you that feel that way, too, you understand there’s something special about it - the energy, the excitement, the buzz in the air.

As we welcome Thanksgiving here in America, I'm taking a few moments to share my appreciation and love for female-owned small businesses; and the amazing entrepreneurs behind them. You know, the ones that are the heart of their families while pursuing their dreams and giving back in ALL the ways.

Please join me in shining a light on these businesses, and share your favorites, too!

Rosemary + Rust in Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania. A vintage flower shop tucked along a quaint Main Street with unique gift offerings and holiday décor. They are hosting ‘Shop Small at R+R’ on Saturday, November 30th from 10a-5p. @Rosemary&Rust

Treasures in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Think jewelry, gifts, and women’s clothing in an architectural masterpiece. If you’ve never been, add it to your holiday shopping ventures. @TreasuresHanover.

Gray Apple Market in York, Pennsylvania. A stylish boutique, featuring modern farmhouse and boho chic home décor. It’s so darn cute you’ll want to grab a few candid pics while checking out the merch. And they are having an amazing sale, both in-store and online. @GrayAppleMarket.

Book Market + Antique Mezzanine in my hometown of Oakland, Maryland. Cozy, welcoming, my FAVORITE bookstore, ever. @BookMark’et&AntiqueMezzanine

The Hollis. Co. has a bunch of super cute merch, including Start Today journals, coffee mugs and hats. AND they are having an amazing sale, #hollisday2019. It’s for 24 hours, beginning on Cyber Monday. @TheHollisCo

Cultivate What Matters is a super joyful business. I just love their stuff! They are running a Black Friday special, 20% off most merch. High quality products include notecards, #PowerSheets (a must, it’s my second year using them) and all things written organization. @CultivateWhatMatters

Last but not least, your girl, Katie! Grab one of my journals for a special lady in your life. As a hostess gift, a bestie-gift, or for your child's teacher. My favorite way to gift them… with a handwritten note on the inside cover and a few random pages filled out (initialed and dated, of course!). It is easy to pair with a cute coffee mug and/or a bouquet of greenery, sold by your favorite lady entrepreneur, of course. @KatieCaples

As we finalize our lists and plan our adventures, let’s support the ladies in our communities - the brave ones, the creative ones, the ones that dream big, audacious dreams AND pour their hearts into their families.

To these powerhouse entrepreneurs (and the MANY, MANY more that inspire me every day!)… you are seen, you are appreciated, and you are loved. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving, and a strong finish to the decade.


P-S- Did you know that in my former life I was a Main Street Manager? I devoted a DECADE to economic and community development. So, you better believe I understand the impact of small business – these entrepreneurs are the backbone of their community. They feed their families, pay their mortgage, and give back to their neighbors– yep, they’re even the ones stepping up to sponsor your kid’s sports team. So go on, like their social pages, tell a friend about how awesome they are, visit their boutique this weekend or shop their products online.

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