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To the King of Habit, Brendon Burchard

An Open Letter to the King of Habit, Brendon Burchard:

So. Dang. Good. Wow, did you deliver at #RiseBusiness. I’ve been a fan for years. I love your book, High Performance Habits – in fact, it’s in my top five favorite books ever. It's the one I go back to time and time again. I’ve taken your life class, Reignite Your Life. And of course, I read your blog and watch your videos religiously. To say you’ve been my coach and mentor is no stretch.

But wow, just wow. In person, on a stage, in front of 6,200 entrepreneurs, you were pure fire. I’m still blown away by your energy, your message, your intensity. And you’re funny! So funny. The journey you took us on in a short amount of time was impressive. There were tears, both the kind from near death experience and those from giggling so hard we almost peed our pants. Your sky diving story… I’m still laughing about that.

My top three takeaways from your time on stage, the things that have shifted my mindset…

Be responsible for the energy you are projecting into the world.

To raise your ambition, deepen your discipline.

Listen through the fear.

Intention is your thing, it’s what you preach (literally), it’s your purpose in life. And I’m so darn thankful that you dare to share it with the world; and that you do so at a ridiculous, completely outlandish level.

You have been both a joy and an inspiration to watch over the years. Your growth has been palpable – like literally, in every video, in every appearance, in every written word. And in Charleston, the way you commanded the stage, the freaking ARENA… dang.

I'm committed to trying my best to project positive energy, raise my ambition and listen through the fear.

Thank you, sir, for challenging us, the #RiseBusiness community. Game. Freaking. On.


P-S- On behalf of Rachel Hollis fans everywhere, thank you for encouraging and challenging her and her hubby. They are impacting millions, and the way you’ve embraced them - I respect and admire you even more for that.


If you haven’t already, grab a copy of Brandon's book, High Performance Habits. I’m happy to loan my copy, with the caveat that I need it back within a week (two at most). And check out his podcast, The Brendon Show. Learn more at

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