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The Best Thing to Happen at Rise Business

I thought I was going to a business conference last week. Little did I know, I went to a dance party that just so happened to headline my favorite business leaders. Brendon Burchard. Marie Forleo. Dean Graziosi. And of course, my girl Rachel Hollis. And they delivered you guys - beyond all expectations.

But the funny thing is, the best thing to happen wasn’t on a stage; the BEST thing that happened while in South Carolina… the friendships.

Let me tell you a little bit about two of them…

First, there’s Sarah (on the right). We literally bumped into each other on the jet-way as we waited for our carry on bags in the Charleston airport. When we looked at each other, I saw a glimmer in her eyes, a genuine excitement. Of course I asked if she was going to Rise. And of course, she said yes.

Ends up, we were headed to the same hotel. As we were checking in, we both were delivered the news that they bumped us – meaning they overbooked, and we had to stay at a sub-par hotel across town. Ugh. She got the news first… she was so calm, so in control. All I wanted to do was flip the dang table, try to convince the manager she had it wrong. But turns out, it was meant to be.

She’s a military wife from Minnesota, a mama of three, a mammographer, an entrepreneur, and a runner - she’s run a few half marathons AND a full! She’s a dreamer, and she’s so dang passionate about making the mammography experience a pleasant (and accurate!) one for females around the globe. You guys, she was FEATURED in the day one video wrap up, and NEVER TOLD ANYONE!

Then there’s Amie (on the left). Think southern draw, big hand movements, and huge smile. Meeting her was serendipity, too. As Sarah and I made our way to our seats on day one, we picked Amie’s row. She was sitting all alone, like a BOSS, and we immediately became a tribe of three.

She’s local(ish), and knew all the good spots to eat and visit. She has a heart of gold, y'all. She’s raw. The conversations the three of us had, the sharing, the stories, we went deep. They both have been through some pain. Like bring you to your knees pain. And yet they burst with energy, knowledge and a desire to make an impact.

These two are singlehandedly the BEST thing that happened to me at Rise Business. And you guys, they are going places. I'm so fortunate to cheer them on for the rest of my life.

Ladies, I stand with you as we RISE UP!


Thank you, Rachel + Dave Hollis, and The Hollis Co., for bringing together the most magical business experience EVER. My life, the life of my family, the life of ALL the attendees has forever been changed. And for me, it starts with lifelong friendships.

If you’d like to follow my new friends, and why wouldn’t you…

Sarah Jacobs is a mammography consultant and educator: @SarahJacobsConsulting

Amie Folkman is an emotional intelligence coach: @AmieFolkmanLifeCoach

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