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A Silly Fear

Ok, you guys. I did it. I peed on an airplane. Too much information, I know. But it's a first for me. 

As a relatively sheltered thirtysomething, I've flown a handful of times (all short flights, no worries). A handful. And I've always, always had a silly fear of airplane restrooms. For like a million little reasons. If you don't believe me, here's my top seven, in no particular order...

How do you open the weird bathroom door? 

What if someone is in there? 

It's way too cramped, can you even turn around? 

How do you flush? 

Is there a sink and soap to wash your hands?

What about the awkward walk to and fro?

How much time do I wait to make the walk to the back of the plane AFTER that guy just returned to his seat? Just me?! Ok, ok, putting them in writing does make it a bit more irrational. A bit.

The point is, I faced my [oh so silly] fear yesterday. And guess what? It wasn't so bad. All the worry, overthinking and HOLDING IT. Totally uncalled for. My question for you is this... what crazy, irrational fear have you overcome? Or plan to? Please, tell me I'm not the only one... ------ I'm about to have my heart lit on fire by ALL my favs... Rachel, Brendan, Marie, Amy. And yes, in my head we're all on a first name basis. So, more to come! #risebusiness

A special shout out to my amazing hubby, super helpful mother in law, and oh so awesome support system.  

And another first! Meeting a new friend [complete stranger] and having dinner with her in the same day! Her name is Sarah, and she's a kickass mammographer (I had NO idea that was even a thing), military wife, super mom of three, dreamer, AND she flew in despite a nasty snowstorm in Minnesota (say it with the accent, she totally has one!). I just happened to bump into her on the jetway. Such a good day. 

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