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My Relationship With Media

One of my business mentors and besties (although she has NO idea) is Marie Forleo. She is an amazing host, a driven go-getter, a business ninja, and best-selling author, among many other things.

Her book - Everything is Figureoutable - just came out, and I’m about halfway through it. So far, the words that resonate most are in chapter #4, Eliminate Excuses. In it, she shares her personal thoughts and provides actionable advice…

“Here’s the mantra I use to curb my own media

consumption: ‘Create before you consume.’ Meaning, it’s imperative that I create the life (and work) of my dreams before I unconsciously and habitually consume the creation of others.”

As a busy mom, wife and entrepreneur, I took this to heart. Since staying home with my kids (it's been about a year and a half now), I had developed a few bad habits when it came to media – mostly social media. A five-minute morning reprieve was a chance to check Facebook; and ten minutes between classes at my local YM was an opportunity to keep up with LinkedIn.

Every Sunday, when I’d sit down to plan out the coming week, I’d reflect on the things I want more and less of. And each time, media would appear in the ‘less’ column. For some annoying reason I couldn’t seem to shake these bad habits.

After reading Marie’s mantra and paying close attention to my own media consumption, I’ve set a new boundary – no media before noon. And yes, that includes email, social and news.

It's been a a welcomed change for me. Now, I focus on creation - creating intention in my journal, connections with my kiddos, movement during a workout, content for my business, and healthy meals for my family. No more scrolling in the morning. Other people's highlight reels can wait.

This new boundary, along with the cancellation of cable (saving money AND time... oh heck yes!) and charging my phone overnight in the kitchen have really improved my relationship with media.

I'm interested in where you are in your journey, and I'd love to know...

What is your best habit or boundary when it comes to media?

As always, thanks for reading and being so open.


For all the ladies joining me today (10/24) for my first ever live, digital workshop, thank you! I look forward to jumping in and sharing what I’ve refined over the last decade while helping you create a system that works for your busy life.

If you really wanted in, but for whatever reason didn’t register, please send me a text or email asap. I have a few seats left, and one has your name on it! We kick off at 1pm!

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