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My Favorite Mama Moments

Ok, ladies. I’m curious… what is your favorite five minutes each day with your kiddos? I’d love to know your daily habits and practices that leave you feeling connected with that (or those) babies of yours – big or small.

Here’s mine…

With my five-year-old daughter, it is hands down her bedtime routine. My favorite five minutes is when we say our “I am” statements, nestled in her bed. We’ve been doing it for a few years now, and it is when she identifies three traits that she exhibits. Last night, she said… “I am joyful. I am creative. I am beautiful.” And then it is my turn. I do three as well, all the while being reminded of the positive things we are, a way to compliment ourselves. Some nights we’ll say them for each other… they can get pretty silly, and giggles often ensue.

We follow it with a prayer and then we say our goodnights. Such a connected span of time for the two of us, before she drifts off to sleep and I move along with my evening.

With my two-year-old daughter, my favorite five minutes is when she wakes up from her nap. She’s at her happiest (most of the time), and just loves reading books with her favorite stuffed animal. It’s a time to be silly, cuddle, to make believe, and I love when she points things out on the pages. It’s just the two of us (ok, three with bun-bun), as if time is standing still.

That’s the pattern I’ve come to realize as a mama - that precious one-on-one time is my absolute favorite. I’m looking for ways to do that more and more. Time to let our guards down, be silly and connect.

When I asked my 5yo this morning how she feels about our ‘I am’ statements, she smiled and said, “Mama, they help me go to sleep.” It warms my heart knowing she feels that way.


I'd love to hear from you. Please send me a note (comment on social, text or email) sharing your favorite daily moments with your little one(s).

And if this has you thinking about cultivating more of your favorite moments in this season of life, check out All Things Autumn. It’s a little something I designed for my friends and clients, and it’s absolutely free. Find 30 minutes (or less) and get started today. Let’s give the gift of connection, to ourselves and to our families.

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