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The Influence of Others

The influence of others. It’s powerful, at times enchanting. I was reminded of that this past weekend, when I took my little ones to cheer on our local varsity girls’ team.

It was magical, how my 5yo daughter’s eyes lit up the minute the ref blew the whistle and the ‘big kids’ went to work. She watched in awe as they passed the ball, shot on goal, played defense, and threw the ball in further than she can even kick it; and when the goalie dove, jumped, and made so many great saves.

You see, my daughter is a newbie - it’s her first year playing rec in a local league; she’s impressionable and in full-on learning mode. Like when she found out she had a game a few weeks ago (instead of the practices she’d become accustomed to) … she melted down! I was shocked by her reaction. In hindsight, I can see she wasn’t sure of herself, of the rules, of how to play in a ‘real game.’ The beauty of which is… she played anyway. She trusted her instincts, relied on her coaches and teammates, and played her best.

After watching the big kids, practicing with her team, and scrimmaging in the yard as a family (so much fun!), she showed real progress in her game on Sunday. She’s running faster, with more purpose and confidence.

My wish for both of my daughters, and for you, is to keep learning, keep growing, keep striving for more; to embrace discomfort. To go in search of something new, a challenge, of being unsure and of trusting in yourself anyway.

On our way home from the varsity game, we chatted about the match. Her voice enthusiastic, her mind going a mile a minute. Before we even got out of the parking lot, she exclaimed, “Mom, those girls run super-fast… like a cheetah!”

Yes, they do, little one. Yes, they do.


Shout out to the KD girls’ team. You played your hearts out, and you're inspiring the next generation. Go blue!

If you’re looking for a fun, inexpensive outing this Fall, go cheer on a local team. Football, soccer, field hockey, any of them. It’s so fun, and they appreciate the support!

And if you're struggling to get ahead, living in the day-to-day, reacting to life AND you are looking for a tool to help you set intention while looking ahead, check out All Things Autumn. It's free, and it's something I've been using for years to help me set priorities and make time for the things that matter most.

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