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A Special Thank You

As we approach Mother’s Day, I’d like to take a moment to thank the ladies in my life…

First, my mama. Thank you for your unconditional love and support. For your strength and being there, always. For making each adventure fun. For the good times and the hard times, the tears over love and loss; for your intuition, knowing smile and unwavering support. Thank you for loving me and my little girls. You are an amazing mama, my role model; and I'm honored to call my friend.

My stepmom, Marcia. You welcomed me into your heart and have loved me as your own. You always have a warm hug and genuine smile; just being with you feels like home. Thank you for choosing to love me and showing me true kindness.

My grandmothers, both of whom have passed away. Phyllis, for the love we shared and continue to share. An unbreakable bond. I cherish each sign you continue to send me, thank you for those little reminders. And Virginia, for opening your home and your heart. For your steadfast support, and for gifting me your love of reading. You both have shown me that a grandmother’s love is eternal and beyond measure.

My sister, Cass, who became a new mom earlier this year. I’m so proud of you and your beautiful family. You’re a natural mama, it’s delightful to see. Always know I’m here for you and Emersyn. Thank you for leading the way, always having my back, cheering me on, and encouraging me even when I didn't want to do it. That last one has me chuckling... goodness, I struggled with those 4-H sewing projects.

My husband’s grandmother, mother and sister. Vivian, I'm so appreciative of your open arms, loving spirit and the connection we share through music. Diane, I'm forever grateful to you for raising Robert into the husband and father that he is today. And Jess, for your friendship and for your beautiful kids, my niece and three nephews.

My Aunt Janet, of whom I’ve always looked up to and admired. You’ve been in my corner since day one, and I aspire to be the aunt and influence you have been to me. Thank you.

All of my mom friends, you fill my cup with wisdom and courage. Ellie, I see you gracefully navigating single parenthood with your three kids, working full-time and buying a home, all while pursuing your dreams. Melissa, I see you growing in your career and raising your teenage sons while caring for and heartbreakingly saying goodbye to your mama and best friend. Laura, I see you taking a professional stand and successfully pivoting your career, a true example for your daughters (and mine).

All of my friends, aunts, neighbors, cousins, friend’s mama’s, mentors, lady teachers and coaches, you forever have a place in my heart. You are my community.

I see you and I celebrate you.

And finally, to my daughters, Addison and Lauren, your love and light astounds me. Being your mama is an absolute joy and privilege. I will forever cherish our nature walks, playhouse picnics and quiet snuggles. Holding your tiny hands while encouraging you to try something new; each day, each adventure. I’m so thankful for you both.

Ladies, this Mother’s Day, let's celebrate ourselves. Our hearts, our souls. Let's fill our cups with self-care and grace, a day to renew and bask in the person we have become. I promise to do it, and I hope you do too.


About the Author

Katie is author of two journals, Courage: A Journal to Explore Your Bold, Brave Spirit and Clarity: A Journal for Reflection and Discovery. She is a wife and mom to two beautiful daughters, ages 5 & 1. To read more of her reflections and to support her small business, visit

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