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An Interview with Addie Caples

A beautiful soul, inside and out, Addie Caples inspires me every single day. She is smart, funny (so funny!), kind, thoughtful, a true adventurer and a perfectionist. Leading up to her fifth birthday, I sat down with her to gain a bit of insight and capture this moment in time.

Ok, so, she sat on my lap and looked at me through those big, blue eyes through her fun, purple glasses that totally capture her personality, and I tried not to melt into a million pieces…

What is your favorite book?

Brown Bear, Brown Bear (she loves to read it to her little sister)

What is your favorite color?

Purple-ish pink-ish

What is your most favorite possession?


What is your favorite song?

Rock Me Mama Like A Wagon Wheel (as she bursts into song, singing the chorus with a huge smile)

What time of day is your favorite?


If you could plan a very special day, beginning to end, what would you want to do?

Reading books, science, playing, cooking, skiing

What is your favorite thing to do outside? Why?

Go down the slide because I go really, really fast

What do you wish you could change in the world?

I wish there was an octopus in our yard (I kid you not, it was VERY hard to contain my laughter. Oh, sweet girl, always, always stay silly!)

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A dentist and a mama

If you could be any animal, what would you want to be? Why?

Cheetah, since they run really fast


A brief bio (as dictated by my daughter):

My name is Addie. I’m almost 5 years old. I like my cousins and grandparents. That is all (as she twirls to go play Barbie's with her little sister).

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