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2018 Reflections

January has always been cherished time of year. The start of a new year, an opportunity to reflect; and a few of my favorites… story time, puzzles and board games with little ones by a roaring fire.

Add to that the creation of my annual vision board, thanks to my good friend, Samm Smeltzer - she introduced me to the concept four years ago.

This year, as I’m about to retire last year’s masterpiece (pictured here), I take in my 2018 board and pause. My biggest lesson… embracing a new perspective.

As I was creating my board this time last year, I didn’t know it but the woman in the middle, staring at the lake, the mountains in the background… that was me. This past year she reminded me to pause and she encouraged me to take the leap into full-time motherhood. The red hot air balloon above, it prompted me to view my life from a new vantage point, keeping in mind all that is truly important:

- Raising my family in faith on our little farmette in southern PA

- Focusing on growth, for me, my girls, and for the relationships that mean the most

- Impromptu fun with my husband, kids and friends

- Exploring new places on our camping adventures

- Time in the sun, including nature walks and gardening

- And more date-nights, connected conversations, creation and ideation

As I prepare to create my vision board for 2019, I encourage you (and me!) to cast a bold vision for this new year.

With love,



More on Vision Boards

If you’re interested in creating a vision board for 2019, check out Rachel Hollis’ blog (here) to get started or attend Samm Smeltzer’s Vision Fest on January 25th and 26th (info here). And if you’re interested in my reflections from last year’s vision board, check out my podcast interview at the bottom of the registration page.

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