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Embracing A Year of 'Being'

A fellow introvert and mompreneur, Samm Smeltzer is a coach, author and speaker. I have known her for over four years now, and she has been an influential force in my professional life. An example of that - she introduced me to vision boards, something that has changed the trajectory of my journey.

I’m pleased to share her wisdom with you…

That the things you do every single day, the things that don’t look dramatic, that don’t even look like they matter, do matter. That they not only make a difference – they make all the difference.”

- Jeff Olson, The Slight Edge

Q: Why does this quote speak to you?

A: My philosophy in life is do the little things and the big things will come. I am a big believer that small actions lead to making big dreams a reality. This quote serves as beautiful reminder.

Q: Describe what you do.

A: I am a coach to passionate professionals, who are struggling to hear their inner guide (intuition) because their world has gotten so loud. I specialize in re-connecting those individuals with their path.

Q: Share one thing you let go in the past year that has helped you in your journey.

A: Having to do everything. For most of my life, I tried to do everything and be everything to everyone. Which is an impossible task and I know this, I have always known this. Yet I continued to pursue this impossible feat. This past year I have made a conscious effort to create “my lane.” The place where I want to be and stick to it.

Q: What do you plan to say ‘no’ to in 2019, to help you live a more authentic, purposeful life?

A: Everything new. My intention for 2019 is to embrace a year of just being. I have spent four years in major growth mode, gaining new knowledge and skills. It is now time I focus on utilizing what I’ve learned and begin the path to mastery.

Q: What do you want people to remember you for?

A: That I care. For most of my childhood and even early adulthood, I was labeled by others as being cold. This what greatly attributed to my introverted nature that left me in a frequent state of quiet reflection and processing. The truth is, I have a huge heart. Sometimes I am a little too giving and get taken advantage of. I am fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing group of close loved ones who constantly assist me with establishing boundaries around this specific scenario. But at the end of the day, my motivation for doing anything that I do is because I care and I want people to know that and feel it too.


A Brief Bio

Samm Smeltzer is a transformation coach for people lacking professional passion in their lives. Samm’s approach of starting with what is within the leader, is empowering individuals to manifest their professional aspirations in a way that becomes a very observable and noticeable energetic force in organizations. She is the founder and CEO of Leadership Arts Associates, a firm devoted to revolutionizing HR. Samm is also a published author and avid podcaster.

Upcoming Workshops: Vision Fest - January 25th and 26th, 2019

Using a little creativity and inspiration driven by your intuition, come create your Vision Board. This event is known for the invigorating energy generated by the community of participants that come together to co-create and collaborate. It is without a doubt a great start to clarity, focus and manifestation.

Vision Boards can serve as a solid foundation to begin mastering the art of visualization. By definition, "visualization is recreating all the images, sounds and feelings in your mind surrounding an activity in order to practice in a perfect environment" (Source). This practice is one that should not be underestimated and truly demonstrates the capabilities our mind possesses. Vision Fest was specifically designed with these considerations in mind and the results speak for themselves.

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