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Courage, Strength + Wisdom

A true rock star here in our community, Rebecca Hanlon is both a friend and mentor. Conversations with her were among the most encouraging (and terrifying!) as I was gearing up to publish my first journal, launch a business and transition to full-time motherhood.

Always with a kind word and knowing smile, she inspires more people than she will ever know. I am excited to share her insight with you…

Q: Why does this quote speak to you?

A: Sales was the first thing that put me out of my comfort zone and when you own your own business you are always selling. It has made me so compassionate for other people trying to make connections, to sell something, to put their ideas on the table. I always make time to talk to people – the window replacement guy who comes knocking on the door, the Jehovah’s Witnesses who have visited us once a month because I won’t ask them not to, the college students who reach out and want to know if I’ll get coffee with them – I always make time to at least hear them out. I have put myself in that position many times – asking someone to listen to me or share their time - and I can give that in return. Q: Describe what you do in ten words or less.

A: Inspire people to see York as a better place. Q: What were your earliest childhood dreams?

A: To be a writer for National Geographic. Talk about a beautiful publication and a chance to showcase people you may never have the opportunity to know otherwise. Q: Share with us one thing that your truest, fiercest will do in 2019.

A: Ask for what I want! I too often talk around what I want. I’ll ask for a babysitter if I want to go out for my birthday, I’ll ask someone to write that check if I need their business support, I’ll ask someone to make that call to grow my network. Q: For women who are thinking about making a leap into an unknown (parenthood, entrepreneurship, a new career field, etc.), what advice would you give them?

A: I have rewritten this answer three times. I would encourage you to put away your doubt. Maybe that’s believing that you can do it. Maybe that’s trusting that you do enough (this is big for mom guilt). Maybe it’s going with your gut. I like that last one best. My gut has never been wrong. ---- A Brief Bio... Rebecca Hanlon is the president of Our York Media LLC, an all-digital media company that serves as the good news outlet of York County and delivers stories to an audience that sees York as a better place. She’s married to Will and they have a 2-year-old son, Joey. And yes, she works with her husband and still loves him. Rebecca is on the board of the Junior League of York and an active member of the Rotary Club of York. She would like to rekindle her passion for watercolors and thinks 5 a.m. yoga is a good idea, but who has the energy?

Check out to follow her journey; and while you're at it, see the stories of other amazing people that make York, PA a better place.

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