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Sharpening My Senses

Last week I participated in a social media showcase hosted by Shawn Fink, titled ‘Gratitude is my Superpower.’ Shawn is the abundant mama, and she brings light and love into the world around her.

During the experiment, these key messages jumped out at me…

1. The power of setting an intention. My intention for the week-long challenge was to be fully present, basking in the goodness of life.

2. The practice of holding space for myself, pausing to connect with my heart.

3. That slowing down is soul care. Much like this quote by Eden Phillpotts (featured in my latest journal, Courage), I looked for and gave thanks for the magic around me. A few examples… the sound my youngest daughter’s boots make as she clops down the sidewalk; and the smell of my oldest daughter’s hair as I brush it each morning.

As we work to sharpen our senses and grow our gratitude, our world expands.

My wish for you… to take a moment to pause, give thanks and bask in the goodness of your life.

Thank you, Shawn, for a wonderful week.

If you wish to learn more about Shawn, visit her at You’ll love her energy and wisdom.

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