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An Interview with Lynda O'Byrne Randall: Building a Life to Love

Lynda, as a friend and mentor of almost ten years, I would like to personally thank you for always having a kind, encouraging word. And for agreeing to share your wisdom with my community of thinkers and doers. Let's get started.


You don’t just luck into things as much as you’d like to think you do. You build step by step, whether it is friendships or opportunities. – Barbara Bush

Why do Barbara's words speak to you?

As I reflect on my life and career, I see now how early choices helped me to create the life I wanted to live, and how these choices helped me to arrive at the point in my life where I am now.

Always choosing my family as my first priority guided me when I made every career decision. Could I accept a career opportunity that would have involved traveling th​r​oughout the US and delivering presentations to large audiences? As attractive as that was, it would not have allowed me to honor my first priority and so the answer was no and made with absolutely no regrets.

A very early choice that became a stepping stone to many experiences was obtaining a M.ED when I was 23. This choice provided me with many opportunities to: teach everything from 3 year olds to college students; deliver anti-bullying presentations for a non-profit; create programs for women and adults; and use my experience and skills in my own business and in service to non-profit boards in my community. I am always surprised when I receive a recognition or an award for doing what I loved to do.

Now I’m at a juncture in life where many friends are retiring and leaving York. For me, I am exactly where I want to be. The choices I made reflected MY core values. I have a happy 47 year marriage; very strong relationships with my family; active involvement on my community; and fun with old and new friends.

Describe your career in ten words or less.

I am a teacher and a mentor.

I’m thankful for your mentoring throughout the years. Who has mentored you along the way? What bit of wisdom do you most remember from your time together?

My father and my husband have been my mentors.

My father:

“Every day plan one thing you will love to do.”

“You are one who wakes up in the morning to go to work. Do what you love and not what someone else thinks you should do.”

My husband:

“Take the high road.”

“That’s in the rearview mirror and you’re going forward.”

In our personal and professional lives, we all seek clarity – whether for big projects, transitions or what seems like mountains before us. Share a time when you sought clarity, and describe your actions in striving to make positive change.

When I consulted at the J.D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship at York College, my research led me to start the Womens Business Center Organization because there were no business education organizations for women in York at that time. I felt the need to create an opportunity for women to share their experiences and challenges in a supportive environment. I wrote and received a grant, wrote policy, and created the center from scratch with the support of Mike March.

For women who are feeling called to make a positive change, what advice would you give them?

Start by supporting one woman at a time. Be clear on your objectives and what you want to achieve. Do the research. Find supporters. Speak up in meetings.


A Brief Bio...

Lynda O’Byrne Randall is a partner and co-owner of New Level Advisors LLC, a management consulting company. Her passion is transforming workplace cultures through leadership, team work, strategic planning and executive coaching. Lynda is an experienced trainer, public speaker, and facilitator.

Lynda has extensive experience in developing and implementing programs for non-profit organizations. She has a M.Ed. and teaching and training experience in positions including York College of Pennsylvania, Family Child Resources, and Director of Adult Education at Junior Achievement. She founded and served as Director of the Women’s Business Center Organization of The J.D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship at York College from 2007-2014.

Lynda is a 2010 Athena Award recipient and received a 2012 Women of Influence Award from the Central Penn Business Journal. She also received the Gold Award from the International Association of Facilitators for co-creating Business and Education Roundtables for the York County Economic Alliance and an MS Leadership Award. Her past and present community service includes: Board Director for the YWCA; Byrnes Health Education Center Advisory Board and Board of Directors; Athena Chairman; Creative York Board of Directors; Creative York Arts Awards Co-chair; Mentor for Leadership York and York College; YCEA Board of Directors; York County Library System Board of Directors; Governance Committee Strand-Capitol; WBCO Advisory Council; Junior League Community Advisory Board; Central York School District Business Advisory Board; J.D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship Advisory Council,

and York Symphony Orchestra.

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