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A Grandfather's Wisdom

Words spoken by my grandfather, Tim Magness. He shared this sentiment with me at least once a week. In my teen years, I thought he meant to behave appropriately; to 'represent' the family in a positive way. In my 20's, as his health started to deteriorate, I thought he was reminding me to spend time with him. And I'm so glad I listened. He passed away in late 2014 and will forever be one of my favorite people ever.

In my 30's, I realized he was reminding me of my heritage. I come from a long line of farmers. They were (and still are) stewards of the land, enjoying the sun on their back and the feel of soil in their hands. Providing for their families, loving their God, and respecting their earth.

At this time of transition in my life, trading in the career ladder for that of fulltime motherhood, his words resonate more than ever. He continues to remind me to savor life - my own, and that of my little girls.


P-S- Pops, I'm listening. I will not forget where I came from. Thank you for your wisdom, and for the signs you send me as you watch over me and my family. May you rest in peace.

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